The latest changes to the developer platform

Last week I hosted the first "CheckIn" which is our ten-minute monthly update on the latest in the Developer Platform.  If you weren't able to join us, here's what's new:

1.        AVM Detail Call

You can now show your users changes in Automated Valuation Model (AVM) data from month to month.  Now, if you want to show how specific properties go up in down in estimated value from month to month or if you want to trigger alerts around a valuation change from the previous month, you are able to do that in our Developer Platform.

The new information is located in the AVM Detail Call, which is in the Property API. 

AVM Change.png

This now gives you more options to call out values of any given property for your users. 

2.        Sales Trends

This is a larger change, since we’ve added three different data points over a few different time spans.  Sales trends include median sales price, average sales price and the amount of sales in a zip code over two years.  You can filter this information by annual, quarterly or monthly intervals.

To use, enter the zip code and the time intervals and it will return the sales information.   You can now point different plots on a graph and show information on sales trends.  This is also a great tool to show this information on a map view. 

Sales Change_Dev Platform.png

For example, if you want to show a specific zip code and wanted to highlight the average sales price over a certain period of times to compare different zip codes, you can now do that through our Developer Platform.

3.       Geo ID by Geo ID Search

We just released this last week.  This allows you to look up Geo IDs within a related Geo ID.  So if you wanted to know all of the zip codes, for example, within a specific state, you can now type in the state ID and Geotype you are looking for and you will get back all the zip codes within that GeoID along with the size and square mileage. 

Area GEoID Look-Up.png

That is helpful if you are using the area heirarchy look-up call. In the past, you would have to plug in latitude and longitude information to pull back different areas you are interested in.  This helps you start at a higher level – like a county or zip code – and then dive into things like residential subdivisions or school districts.  

This will make it easier to implement those top / down searches. 

Coming Soon!

School Data Calls

School snapshot call is being updated so you can filter the type of schoolwithin a search.  For example, you will be able to do a specific search for private schools .

We are always updating our release notes, so that will have the latest information.  Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at or simply fill out a form on our website.

For more information, view our 10-minute check-in below. Our next check-in will be October 26 and is a chance not only to highlight the new information available in the platform, but to answer your questions.  So join us next month!