The Best Real Estate App to Showcase Your Local Expertise

Real estate market data is more available than ever. Consumers know the value of their homes and more and more tools put the power into the hands of the buyer and seller.

But that’s only half the story.

Expertise is proving to be a top differentiator, even as technology automates significant areas of the real estate transaction process.  

Relola is working to fix that by helping REALTORS® amplify their expertise and broadcast the local Insights that put listings into context.

Relola highlights local expertise.

Relola is a free app that allows agents to work as a social network, sharing reviews, thoughts, and insights on local properties for sale and neighborhood features.  

Both consumers and agents benefit from this innovative technology. Agents create engaging, local content filled with valuable expertise which grows their digital footprint and makes them easier to find through organic search. Consumers get a better picture of the community features, the houses they are browsing and the specialization of the agent.   

Agents share insights on listings and local features.

Why should agents map the listings they preview? Simple. They get to share their unique perspective.

Some Insights might describe how a buyer might improve a kitchen layout, add value with landscaping, or enjoy the entertaining space in a home. Sharing listing Insights with Relola not only shares the specifics, such as the beds and baths of a property, but presents inspiration on what the home could become and who the ideal buyer might be.  As more consumers are looking for a trusted advisor to help them buy a home, these Insights can make their online browsing experience more engaging.  

But listings don’t exist in a vacuum. They are surrounded by local features that bring unique aspects to the area.

Agents can share Insights on the best local coffee spot or the cheapest place to get a shirt dry cleaned in the area. These types of reviews offer a full picture of not only the home and its potential, but of what it will be like to live there.  

The more agents share their local expertise, whether on their own listings, or on other agent’s listings, the more they position themselves as a local expert. Home buyers and sellers who read an agent’s insights may decide to work with them based on what they know or how they assess a property.  All parties benefit by having informed consumers who are ready to make a decision by the time they reach out.

Crowdsourcing is just one of many technology trends to be utilized to better the real estate industry. Visit to learn more and download the free app.

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