A New Central Operating System for the Real Estate Industry

Technology is changing nearly every industry, including real estate.  Soon things like virtual home visits and property suggestions based on machines learning will become a reality with ever-advancing technologies.  In real estate, some companies are embracing the change.   

 Pathway is an all-in-one platform for real estate agents

Pathway is an all-in-one platform for real estate agents

Pathway RE has developed an all-in-one platform that serves as a hub for every step of a real estate agent’s process. As a lead comes in, Pathway captures key information, so agents can respond quickly, scheduling appointments, writing notes on each buyer or seller, and staying organized.  The platform generates automatic and informative emails for every contact in the system to keep agents top-of-mind throughout the buying or selling process.

Pathway is great for agent teams as well, making it easy to add team members to different deals and assign various tasks. Documents can be stored within Pathway, which also offers secure document signing and records all transactions with timestamps.  All commissions, financial details, and transactions are also tracked and stored.

“I saw a need for a centralized operational system for agents and agent teams,” said Berube.  “There are so many transactions, leads, and steps to keep track of and manage.  I thought the more we could automate this process and make it easier for agents, the more time they could spend selling homes rather than dealing with paperwork or chasing down a lead.”

Pathway was recognized by Inman News and Atlanta Agent Magazine who called it “the ‘Swiss-Army Knife’ of Real Estate Software” and the “industry’s first ‘right-sized’ cloud-based, mobile real estate management system.”

Pathway has developed the technology to replace the outdated tools of the industry, with all the features that real estate professionals need today. To hear the founder of Pathway, Jack Berube, and other industry leaders discuss technology trends to watch in 2018, sign up for our free webinar December 19.  Register below.