What Neighborhood Pages Can do for your Real Estate Website

The major real estate portals all have neighborhood pages in addition to pages on properties and listings.  What is the advantage of having neighborhood pages on your site and are they right for you?

What are Neighborhood Pages?

Neighborhood Pages are pages on a real estate website dedicated to a specific neighborhood.  They often offer important information about the area, including schools, demographics, points of interest and commute times.  It gives the online visitor the feeling of a neighborhood.

Why have Neighborhood Pages?


According to the 2016 New Buyer Survey from the National Association of REALTORS, online home shoppers often start their search at the neighborhood level.  Many times, home buyers aren't sure where they want to live - and will look for the location before they look for a specific property.

It's often said that real estate consumers will compromise on certain things about a property, but they will not compromise on location.  If their priorities are to be in a certain school district or have a specific commute, the location will be a priority for them during their home search.  

When you have neighborhood pages, you are able to offer valuable information to online consumers early in their process.  You are seen as credible and knowledgeable about the local area as well.

In addition, neighborhood pages grow your online footprint.  Instead of just having pages on listings, you can have separate pages on every neighborhood in your community.  Having more pages will give you the unique content that will help your rank in the major search engines.  

Should I build or buy neighborhood pages?

If you want to build neighborhood pages, Onboard Informatics has all the data you need.  Simply go to the Developer Platform and sign up for a free trial.  You can access community information and points of interest information all in one place.

If you don't have internal development resources or the time to build your own pages, Onboard also offers turnkey community pages.  A sample of what these look like can be found at AddressReport.com.  

Whether you choose to build or buy neighborhood pages, they are a good thing to have on your site.  They increase your credibility, your online presence and help future clients find the information they are looking for early in their home-buying process.


 Sample API calls from the Developer Platform at Onboard Informatics and what you can build.

Sample API calls from the Developer Platform at Onboard Informatics and what you can build.