Latest updates to the Developer Platform

Last week I hosted another "Check-In" which is our ten-minute monthly update on the latest in the Developer Platform.  If you weren't able to join us, here's what's new:

1. AVM Change data added to Allevents/detail call

A couple of months ago we added AVM change data to our API responses, which shows you the difference between the current valuation of the home and the previous month's valuation of the home. It also shows you the amount and percent change of that difference. This was previously just on our AVM/detail call, but we've now added it to our allevents/detail call. Now you can get back AVM change data, the most recent sales transaction, as well as some other details about the property without having to make a separate API call to pull that information back.

Sales History.png

2. Building out sample code library

This gives you the opportunity to cut down on some of the upfront work and pull some of the sample code that we've already written to help you get started with our API and some of our other products. Visit our GitHub to see the sample code repository where we've started to add some of our basic property detail calls. If you're looking to making a simple property detail call in PHP, plug in your API key and we've already set it up to make that property detail call for an address. You can update the URL to search by a property ID, or change the endpoint to search different data in the API. We've also added some sample code for our Nurture Bar and our myAVM product if you're familiar and want to take a look at that. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 11.31.28 AM.png

3. User Interface Sample Code

We're also going to start offering real-life UI sample code. What we've done is built out a page that allows you to show all the school information you could want in an area, based on the search of a property. You can type in any property in the search bar and the institutions that are within the applicable attendant zone will show. It will also pull back private schools within the 10-mile radius for that property and you can use the arrows to scroll through the schools. Once you select a school, it will show you different details about the school in the bottom left and then highlight information about the school on the map. The blue area indicated is the attendant zone for that school.

Our goal here is to give a clean and easy interface and we'll provide all the sample code to build this with our APIs through Github. You'll get the HTML code, the JavaScript code and the PHP code needed to build this with our APIs. After you grab the sample code, as long as you have a valid API key, you can get this setup on your website or product right away. It's a great way to skip some of the design, the overhead and get started using our data right away.

This school page is the first of 4 samples that will be rolling out in the next few months. The others will be for sales trends, community information and points of interest. They will all have a similar look and feel and you'll be able to grab the sample code, change around colors, change around data fields and make them your own, or use them as is.

Multiple Values.png

4. New bulk data page to explore

This is a new addition to our website for those who are interested in bulk data, bulk data files or any match and append processes. For example: to send Onboard a list of address and you want to build out the most recent sale date and most recent sale amount attached to all of those addresses to do a backend analysis on that information. This page showcases all the of the different bulk data forms that we have and gives you the opportunity to look at the sample downloads, the data dictionary and the user guides that we've built out for each one of these different data types. Even if you're using the API, sometimes the data dictionary in the sample file can be a good way to make sure that you're grabbing all the data that you have access to do. Strongly encourage you to go and play around with as you get started with using the API or the bulk data.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 11.36.09 AM.png

We've got some more exciting updates coming in 2018, so be sure to join our regular check-ins throughout the new year.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or visit our Developer Platform for more information.