Client of the Month: askDOSS

Onboard is excited to announce the start of our Client of the Month program!

Once a month, we will highlight one of our incredible clients and how they use our data or products to build their business. Each client has a unique way to use the power of data to create new and innovative solutions that meet the changing demands of the real estate industry. 

AskDOSS: the first Intelligent Personal Assistant for everything Real Estate

Our first featured Client of the Month is AskDOSS, who launched earlier this week. Powered by IBM Watson and some of the best data that Onboard offers, AskDOSS is the first Intelligent Personal Assistant for everything real estate. Built by a team of real estate domain experts, data scientists, and AI experts, AskDOSS aims to create a more personalized platform for consumer real estate search.

“We’re making it easier than ever for prospective home buyers to find their next home by implementing tools such as voice search, property research, and recommendation engines.”

– Abe Khaleghi

The History of AskDOSS

When Siri first debuted in 2011, Bobby Bryant, CEO of AskDOSS, was extremely interested in what this kind of technology could do.  He quickly realized however, especially with the introduction of Alexa, Cortana and Google, that Artificial Intelligence was capable of a wide range of tasks, but it seemed like they couldn’t do any one thing very well.  Bryant thought he could create a solution that used AI to focus on the world of real estate.

 "I'm an insider... I know how Realtors feel about the current state of the real estate industry and the technologies that are threatening to replace us. As one of the 74 Experts interviewed by Stefan Swanepoel in the D.A.N.G.E.R. REPORT released in 2015, I was provoked to step up to his challenge and be a part of the solution to the problems mentioned in his comprehensive report. I wanted to create something that Realtors can be proud of and rally behind because they know DOSS has their best interest in mind." – Bobby Bryant

Bobby Bryant - CEO

Bobby Bryant - CEO

After partnering with IBM, they focused on the idea of a narrow domain of AI. You can ask “DOSS” any question about any property in the country in your natural voice to get accurate, easy, and instant answers.

“We’re fully targeted at real estate. If you want to find out how many rings are around Saturn, go ask somebody else. But if you want to find a property where you want to live, come to us.” – Chris Norton, COO


What makes AskDOSS Different?


AskDOSS is going where no AI has gone before. They’ve simplified searching for a home, to just having a conversation with DOSS. If you’re looking for a 3-bedroom house in Houston, TX for under 1 million dollars with a pool, just ask. The technology enables you to change your criteria quickly and easily. If you want to specify that you’re looking for a saltwater pool, DOSS can do that, whereas most real estate searches don’t even offer that option.

“With conversation, you simply speak those search criteria and almost instantly you'll get your search results back without having to go through 50 or 60 different attributes to select from.” - Abe Khaleghi


How does AskDOSS use Onboard Informatics?

AskDOSS utilizes our owner information to create a centralized hub where consumers can find home listings, conduct research on a home they're interested in, and connect with a realtor, all without leaving the site.

 “The data from OBI helps give consumers unique insight into a property that isn't available on most other sites.”  – Abe Khaleghi

 In addition to the Onboard data, DOSS also uses property listings, other public data and data they collect from the use of their products.

 AskDOSS is available through their desktop platform for potential buyers and sellers, as well as native Android and Apple apps as well. They also launched an application specific to Realtors that is connected to the users, buyers, and sellers who are interested in properties.

The BETA launch of AskDOSS allows you to perform standard feature searches, but they’ll be increasing their features soon.

“We’ll be implementing more and more features you can search for, all the way up to community specifics and then from there you'll be able to dial down.” – Chris Norton, COO

If you are interested in learning more about AskDOSS or what Onboard data can do for your business, contact us today. 


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