New Products for the New Year

Here at Onboard, we’re always working on something new. As 2017 comes to a close, we’ve started thinking about what products we want to develop and launch in the new year. We recently sent out a survey with four prospective products to get some feedback for our product team.


With this product, every morning you will receive an email from Onboard with local properties for sale, recent local home sales, and other local content based on zip code. With the press of a button, you can post any of the content quickly and easily to your social media accounts.

Get access to relevant local content packaged and ready for social media. Stay top-of-mind within your social sphere and position yourself as a local expert on a daily basis. This is perfect for agents, brokers, and other real estate professionals who participate in social media but struggle for fresh content.



Parents sometimes have a specific school in mind that they want their children to attend. Instead of searching by a neighborhood or zip code, we allow people to search by school. Simply search for the school and you will see all the homes for sale in that school's boundary.

This creates a unique, user-friendly search for parents looking for specific schooling. It would be ideal for application and software developers, entrepreneurs, product managers, and innovators looking to create something new in real estate search.




 Onboard has recently acquired the data to allow for an owner and mortgage search. The data includes the owner's information, whether the owner occupies the property, and specific mortgage information, such as origination date, amount remaining and maturation date.

This new feature would allow for searches based on the highest loan-to-value ratio, properties with no mortgages, and other related searches. Identify potential home-sellers or high-value prospects based on a specific geographic area. Perfect for sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators looking to use data to help identify prospects.



Onboard will provide a page where visitors can enter a property address, city or zip code, and receive a detailed neighborhood report in their email. You will receive the client's email with the search they performed.

This product will be delivered as a hosted landed page or in an iframe, so you have the option of incorporating it into your website or keeping it separate. Use comprehensive neighborhood reports to capture online real estate leads and position yourself as a local expert. Perfect for agents, brokers, and other real estate professionals looking for a new way to generate digital leads for their business.


What do you think of our new products? Any comments or questions? We would love to hear all your feedback, positive and negative as we work to build the best products for you. Send us an email at