The 2015 NAR MLS Policy Change Checklist


Since its announcement, we have heard a lot of exciting feedback around the NAR MLS policy changes. For those who don’t know, last week the board of directors of the National Association of Realtors passed policy changes aimed at making broker listings websites more consumer-friendly.  The policies included the wide spread adoption of the RESO Data Dictionary by January 2016 and compliance with the RESO Web API by June 2016. These changes will make real estate more industry-friendly, consumer-focused, and competitive against third-party portals. Onboard has been working towards similar goals the past few months by updating our technology to better handle this integration.  We have some pretty exciting products lined up that align with these new industry standards.

This is exciting for any broker with a listing website.  How can you leverage these changes to make the most of your online presence?

The Onboard team put together a complete guide on understanding each policy and how it will affect your website specifically.  Now that you’re in your planning period, this is a great guide to see how you can utilize these changes in your 2015 planning.

The guide includes an overview of each policy passed, their implications, and a checklist that guides you through potential changes or improvements you could make to your site in 2015 and beyond.