148 Million New Ways to get More for your Business


Onboard now has one of the largest arsenals of U.S. public records databases at our disposal.  Now you can easily access property sales estimates, transactions, and records from a single API.   This is exciting stuff, mainly because it means you can now compete with national brands (and their big budgets) for things like SEO, market share, and online lead conversions. Thanks to our relationship with CoreLogic, Onboard has a wealth of property information available and we’ve been pretty busy putting our own spin on it.  We’re in the process of rolling out our Beta release so I’d like to give a little insight into what you can expect over the next month or so.

First off, our new Property Search Engine API, contains over 150 million property records, assessments, and property tax figures.  This is in addition to the 94+ million AVM (automated valuation model) values and 97+ million historical home sales that we’ve been working with for years.  This data covers 3,128 of the 3,143 counties in the US (99.5% for those that don’t want to do the math).  On top of that we’ve stitched all of this data together and related it to all other Onboard content through various geographic relationships.

But the data is only part of the story.  The bigger news is that all of this data is now available via a REST API that allows for precise search and fast access in ways never before possible. Want to know all of the properties with taxes between $7,000 and $8,000 in a specific school attendance zone? Or the current estimated home values in a particular neighborhood? Or all of the single family properties that have sold over the past six months in a specific school district? You can do all of this and more with the new search engine.

Next month we’ll be releasing brief demos and quick “how to” guides on using this new API to your advantage.

This property information has the potential to make a big difference to your business in 2015 and beyond.  If you’re building a plan for upcoming initiatives, this API should be part of your tool box.

Boost your rankings in organic search with property landing pages (September 1)

Property landing pages are an effective strategy in boosting your ranking in online search engines. Due to the unique and updated content, keyword strategy support and interlinking data, these pages significantly increase your online footprint.  Access to this public record data makes creating these pages easier than ever.  September 1, we’ll show you how.

Create effective lead capture and conversion tools through this API (September 14)

Property value estimates are a great way to capture leads on your site, and are a part of this API.  It attracts potential consumers interested in learning how much a specific property (often their property) is worth on the open market.  These tools provide estimates to the property’s value, often in exchange for their contact information (i.e. name, e-mail, etc.).

Once you’ve captured that lead, you can utilize this API to communicate changes to the property as they arise.  Whether it’s the estimated value, latest nearby sales, a change in taxes or school zoning, you can create a drip marketing campaign that keeps your brand top of mind.   Learn how this tool will enable you to capture and nurture more leads from your site on September 14.

Compete with national brands in online experience and engagement (September 28)

Create an experience that feels custom, relevant, and effortless for your visitors so they spend more time on your site.  If a visitor finds value in your site – they find what they’re looking for, they get answers to their questions, they are able to easily navigate from one area to another – they are statistically more likely to become a customer.

Tapping into this API feeds in valuable, searchable, and relatable content into your site which creates these types of experiences and ultimately, drives revenue to your business.  Learn how on September 28.

We are thrilled to be able to round out the robust set of property information now available at Onboard with property records.  But what makes this even more exciting is how it can benefit your business.  We look forward to exploring what this new solution can do for you in the coming weeks.    If you’d like to fast track the conversation, a technology expert would be happy to discuss.  Contact us today.




Photo courtesy of Flickr iProperty Australia