After 15 years, some call us relentless.  We prefer enthusiastic.


You may not know us, but you know our work. We have data on every property in the country and the surrounding communities. Our clients drive sales by building or buying tools that use this data to engage customers.  We are constantly working to help our clients succeed.  

We want to help your company drive awareness, traffic, conversions and revenue using the best of the best in local and property information.  Information is everywhere.  We pull it into one place, make it easy to use, and give you the tools to effectively use this compelling content to attract and sell to more customers.  We are your connection between data and sales.

We are a team of 16.  

Our work feeds some of the largest brands in the US.

We bring you the data-driven engagement that drives and converts more leads for your business.

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Marc Siden
CEO and Co-founder

Dean Soukeras
Senior Product Manager

Liliya Lanza
Business Development Manager



Jonathan Bednarsh
President and Co-Founder

Kevin Mattice
Senior Product Manager

Juliet Zhao
Technical Data Specialist

Jason Chen
Business Support Data Analyst

Erin Gilbert
VP of Sales and Marketing

Brett Friedman
National Sales Director

Yimei Sun
Senior Data Developer

Riad Hossain

Tahisha George
Director of Operations and Support

Sonny Ouyang
Senior IT Director

Tonya Nelson
Finance Manager

Open Positions

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Client Success Manager

Onboard’s clients include some of the largest, most influential real estate and technology companies in the United States, and the CSM is the executive responsible for making them fantastically successful.


business development director

The Business Development Director is fluent in technology and real estate and wants to use that knowledge  to advance his or her company's growth.   


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