Content Development

casestudy_CbMedia solutions that drive impressions, boost readership and generate ad revenue

The Content:

  • Viral, custom “Best Places” stories
  • Local stories people care about
  • Unique landing pages by the millions to¬†boost search rankings

The Results:

  • Brand Recognition - Over 300 million impressions for a single consumer site in 2014 using “Best Places” content
  • Traffic Optimization - 50 million on-site views for a single magazine in their biggest story of the year
  • SEO - Quadrupled organic traffic to a major brand through unique landing page development

The Experience:

  • 12 years powering Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live¬†franchise
  • Tap into the largest resource of local data – deveop stories with access to a world of local data. The options are limitless
  • Unparalleled Quality – The most accurate, up to date content to build trust with your reader

The Examples:
Top 10 Cities for Singles
Top 25 Cities for Renters Raising Families

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Best Places to Live 2014
Best Places to Retire

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